Developed by is a simple but intuitive work and project management OS that powers teams to shape workflows, adjust to shifting needs, create transparency, connect collaboratively, and eliminate manual grunt work.

Integrating your project management software with Bynder’s DAM enhances project planning in various ways, including improved asset tracking, version control, approval workflows, and centralized documentation and reporting. The integration streamlines the digital asset creation process, drives more content reuse, and ensures brand consistency.

Bynder and offer two integrations that, when combined, enable superior collaboration across the entire content lifecycle and a bi-directional flow of assets in and out of the DAM. The combination of these integrations eliminates the need to switch between platforms, while ensuring Bynder’s DAM effortlessly remains your reliable single source of truth.

As our customer, you have the flexibility of choice – you can select either integration, or both, depending on your needs.


  • Keep your entire marketing workflow on one platform
  • Streamline your publishing process
  • Safeguard brand consistency
  • Easily follow feedback and versioning
  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Measure the success of your marketing assets


Bynder’s integration

  • Send assets to Bynder from within when a task is completed, triggered by a status update
  • Keep assets up-to-date with automated metadata mapping
  • Set up multiple boards to connect to your Bynder DAM
  • Configure from within your DAM portal to suit your needs
  • All file types that Bynder supports are supported for this integration
  • Configure as many connections as you need’s integration

  • Attach Bynder assets to items using the files column
  • Search for, filter, and sort assets within using the familiar Bynder interface
  • Supports images, videos, documents, and more
  • Update assets
  • Utilize's suite of integrations and automation to streamline workflows with Bynder
  • Can be configured to upload new assets to Bynder from within


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