Developed by Bynder

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets users save files online and sync across devices.

With Bynder’s connector to Dropbox, users can sync finalized assets to Bynder for use across their organization. Simply configure the connector from within Bynder’s settings, selecting the folder or folders to be synced. When uploading assets, utilize metadata mapping to customize asset metaproperty values, saving time and effort.

Bynder makes it easy to collaborate within Dropbox and then sync finalized assets to Bynder for use and distribution.


  • Save time by not having to manually download assets or documents from Dropbox to then manually upload to Bynder
  • One source of truth for finalized assets
  • Simplify migration of assets


  • Any assets added to the identified folder are synced to the DAM for use and visibility
  • Add or update asset metaproperties upon upload
  • Connect your DAM to your Dropbox accounts or folders
  • Set up and configure through Bynder settings
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