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iStock is an online resource for original royalty-free stock content at the right price, including photos, illustrations, vectors, videos and audio tracks.

Rich media is important across all touchpoints. But if that content is hard to find, it can become underutilized, creating duplicate work. Having a centralized location for licensed content helps reduce costs associated with purchasing duplicate or similar content. It also provides a pre-approved library of content so everyone is using content that is on brand, preventing them from sourcing their own content that isn’t approved or licensed.

Bynder’s integration enables users to access all purchased images in iStock from their Bynder DAM. Each time an asset is downloaded, it is automatically added to Bynder for use.


  • Save time manually uploading stock images to multiple locations
  • Control access and usage of stock images
  • Easily search for purchased images in your asset library for reuse
  • Manage all assets from one central place


  • Purchased assets are automatically uploaded to the DAM for use and visibility
  • Search for assets purchased from iStock by metaproperty in Bynder
  • All defined derivatives in Bynder are created upon upload
  • iStock ID and tags are sent over and searchable
  • Maps to iStock ID to prevent duplicates
  • Can be configured to require approval once sent over to Bynder
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