Developed by Bynder

Optimizely is the “only platform that puts digital content, commerce and marketing in one screen”, helping organizations to create unique digital experiences for their customers, with measurable business results.

Digital assets are a critical component for every digital touchpoint. With the Optimizely integration, you can use your Bynder-stored digital media (images, videos, and documents) directly in Optimizely, which saves time searching and viewing assets.

Work confidently knowing the files stored are always the latest versions. Offering a quick and easy connection that feeds images and digital files directly from your asset library, the integration allows you to search using keywords to find the right files, fast.

When you use Bynder assets in Optimizely, your site always displays the most up-to-date assets, directly sourced from Bynder for complete peace of mind. This ensures all digital content is consistent with your brand identity—helping teams deliver intuitive digital experiences.

The integration is available for Optimizely Cloud (Content and Commerce) and on premise.


  • Streamline the process of adding assets to sites by using approved assets from Bynder directly in Optimizely
  • Always use the right asset version, approved and up-to-date
  • Find the assets you need in an instant by searching through your brand portal in Optimizely
  • Centralize all your assets by only having to upload them to one integrated system
  • Import assets through an intuitive interface for a seamless experience
  • Track asset usage and performance across your entire CMS
  • Ensure accuracy with Content Workflow


  • Search, browse assets, and filter assets based on metadata
  • Seamlessly add assets from Bynder from within Optimizely
  • Automatic updates when an asset is set with a new version in Bynder
  • Uses Bynder CDN distribution
  • Utilizes familiar Bynder interface for searching and filtering
  • All derivatives in Bynder are accessible
  • Automate image cropping for your websites
  • Automate image cropping for your websites