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Mobius Labs' Superhuman Vision ™ is a next-generation, AI-powered computer vision solution that is disrupting how the world works with visual content.

Mobius Labs helps marketers and content creators get to the right visuals faster and more efficiently—across applications, devices, or processes—thanks to learning models that are fully customized to think like humans.

Mobius Labs’ tagging tool generates a complex selection of descriptive and conceptual tags—providing quick and precise search results and keywords.

Keeping your brand aligned on messaging and aesthetics is crucial, that's why Mobius Labs’ SDK allows you to create different concepts around your brand while analysis of assets helps to generate the right visuals for your target audience.

By utilizing Bynder images and videos with Mobius Labs, finding the most impactful assets for your needs has never been easier.


  • Apply additional AI and automation functionality to assets in the Bynder DAM
  • Find and choose the most impactful assets more easily
  • Fully customizable tools to quickly distinguish between on/off-brand, brand styles, and images similar to each other


  • Image and video tags
  • Content analysis and similar content
  • Facial Recognition
  • Aesthetics Ranking
  • On-brand analysis with custom concepts
  • Shot Detection

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