Developed by Dataggo

Imatag Monitor provides a powerful technology for monitoring images online and enhancing content security. Every image is watermarked with its own unique embedded ID that is resistant to compression, cropping, resizing, and color editing. With this technique, you will be able to track exactly what happens to your images after they have been published.

Imatag is specialized in the protection and identification of images to protect companies from the fraudulent use of their assets. Thanks to an invisible watermark, it is now possible to find, recognize and identify all content wherever it is on the Internet.

The integration with Bynder simplifies this marking. Indeed, as soon as an asset is uploaded in Bynder, it is sent to Imatag to be tracked without human intervention.


  • SaaS platform
  • Saving time by not having to add images separately in Bynder and Imatag
  • Automatically ensure that each visual is watermarked by Imatag upon import into Bynder


  • Visuals transferred to the DAM are automatically send to Imatag
  • SaaS platform to manage the mapping between Bynder and Imatag
  • API connection between Bynder and Imatag
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