Developed by Bynder

Workfront is a work management platform for enterprises looking to strategically prioritize, assign, and complete projects with speed, at any scale. With its central dashboard, you can quickly launch projects by seeing available resources and using templates and automations to assign tasks.

Digital assets are a crucial component of marketing projects and campaigns and need to be managed for accessibility and distribution across all channels. Assets and associated metadata can be uploaded automatically to Bynder from Workfront from documents or tasks, allowing organizations to be much more efficient in managing content and cutting down on unnecessary manual work. You can easily connect work management from asset creation to completed assets, so your entire workflow is connected from beginning to end.

Manage the creation and production of marketing assets in Workfront, and then seamlessly curate, store, organize and distribute final assets in the Bynder DAM.


  • Collaborate across the entire content lifecycle
  • Controlled organization of your content
  • Connect asset creation to distribution
  • Save time by automating the upload process for approved and final assets


  • Send completed assets and metadata from Workfront to Bynder from tasks or documents (attachments), triggered by specific field values, status, or completion
  • Send standard and custom form data to Bynder as metaproperties
  • Create a new asset in Bynder or update existing assets
  • Configure to push data from Bynder back into Workfront
  • Ability to push asset types including but not limited to: ai, jpg, png, mp4, mov, doc, csv, epub, jpeg, mp3, pdf, ppt, pptx, tif, wmv, and all others supported by Workfront and Bynder
  • Configurable to your specific use case