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SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates natively with Microsoft 365,and is primarily used as a document management and storage system.

Bynder’s integration with SharePoint enables a seamless connection between SharePoint and the Bynder DAM. It allows users to automatically move assets in SharePoint to Bynder, without downloading from Sharepoint and re-uploading to Bynder. In addition, it removes the manual effort involved in adding metadata to assets on upload, and eases the migration process between the two platforms, saving teams valuable time and energy.

When configuring your SharePoint integration, you can select the authentication method on login preferred by your organization: Application Authentication allows a connection between all SharePoint folders and sites and Bynder’s DAM; Delegate Authorization allows you to select which sites and folders are connected to the DAM for enhanced security.


  • Save time by eliminating the manual work of moving assets between platforms
  • Single source of truth for finalized assets
  • Simplify the migration of assets
  • Expand asset intake to non-Bynder users by providing upload access to SharePoint


  • Add or update asset metaproperties upon upload
  • Connect your DAM to your SharePoint accounts or folders
  • Any assets (files types supported by Bynder) added to the identified folder are synced to the DAM for use and visibility
  • Set up and configure via Bynder settings
  • Customize asset metaproperties with dynamic metaproperty mapping
  • Choose your preferred authentication method based on your company’s security protocols and requirements
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