Vimeo is a video sharing platform that includes features such as live-streaming and customization. The platform is ad-free, and instead gains revenue by providing subscription plans for businesses and content creators and offering SaaS. These services include video creation, editing, broadcasting tools and connecting with clients. Vimeo allows you to create high quality, professional videos and reach audiences worldwide.

This integration allows users to connect their Bynder DAM to the Vimeo Library so that video assets can be automatically uploaded from the DAM to Vimeo tagged with relevant metadata. This prevents users from having to download and re-upload assets between platforms, which can often lead to difficulties managing content consistency and compliance.

Automation makes keeping assets up to date a breeze: if any metaproperties are updated in Bynder, those values will be updated in Vimeo, too. Versioning is also supported: if a video that was already sent to Vimeo is updated in Bynder, the updated video will be sent to Vimeo as a new version.

These automations enable teams to work more efficiently, spending less time on tedious manual tasks and more time on the work that matters.


  • Work more efficiently and enhance collaboration
  • Ensure consistency by maintaining one system of record
  • Save time and streamline processes


  • Publish videos from Bynder directly to Vimeo, tagged with relevant metadata
  • Keep assets up to date with automatic updates
  • Support easier versioning with automation
  • Configure the integration in the DAM for quick set-up
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