The integration between the Bynder DAM and Smartsheet streamlines digital asset management and project collaboration. It allows users to access and manage Bynder's digital assets directly within Smartsheet, enhancing project workflows. This integration solves the problem of fragmented asset storage and inefficient project coordination. The main functionality includes linking Bynder assets to Smartsheet tasks, enabling easy asset retrieval, and ensuring up-to-date content usage. By integrating Bynder's robust DAM capabilities with Smartsheet's project management tools, users benefit from a unified platform that improves productivity, reduces duplication of effort, and ensures consistency in asset utilization across projects.


  • Collaborate across the entire content lifecycle
  • Controlled organization and version control of your content
  • Connect asset creation to distribution
  • Save time by automating the upload process for approved and final assets
  • Reduce manual work by automatically updating asset metaproperties
  • Saving time by creating a streamlined workflow on a single platform – no need to exit Smartsheet to send assets back to Bynder


  • Upon completion, the finalized assets, along with the latest metadata, are transferred to the DAM.
  • Sending approved and most recent versions of your assets back to Bynder's DAM automatically, triggered by a status update from your Smartsheet project
  • The integration maintains version control and reduces duplicates


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