Developed by Ciloo

Ciloo is a web development company that built a platform to help global organizations manage their brand and printing more efficiently. Their network of printers and production facilities worldwide allows our client to experience the power of local and on-demand printing in over 34 countries and support 200 countries through regional hubs, ensuring print consistency and the highest standards available to provide brand control across the globe.

Bynder and Ciloo allow organizations to transform digital assets in Bynder into print-ready products, maintaining Bynder as the single source of truth, with the added optional convenience of sustainable, local, on-demand printing.

An asset within Bynder can be tagged for synchronization, maintaining that connection permanently, including auto-syncing when new versions of the asset are updated in Bynder. This integration can even be used to fill a Ciloo print portal with preconfigured assets for your colleagues and/or customers.


  • Bynder remains the single source of truth for marketing assets
  • Consistently print the most up-to-date, on-brand assets
  • Full visibility of who is printing what, how much, and where it’s being distributed


  • Compatible with Prominate, Peecho, and Precision Proco
  • Express checkout
  • Connect to print-on-demand vendors for sustainable, local production
  • Enjoy all the benefits of a Ciloo portal for your assets and team, including banking-grade security and 24/7 customer support
  • Link to configure print job per asset available directly from asset detail
  • Link to make print orders available directly from asset detail

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