Developed by Sportsdigita

Founded in 2011, Sportsdigita has revolutionized experience selling in the sports and enterprise industry with its cloud-based technology, Digideck.

Digideck is a dynamic platform that incorporates rich multimedia, deep technology integration capabilities, and back-end analytics to create powerful custom sales and marketing presentations. With this integration, users can access all of their image files from their central repository, housed within Bynder, all without ever having to leave the Digideck platform.

Simply navigate to your Digideck image gallery and click the Bynder logo to login with your credentials and access your organization’s assets in Bynder. Take your story to the next level by easily accessing your approved and on-brand media to build custom presentations in a matter of minutes.


  • Quickly utilize assets from Bynder directly in your presentations without having to leave the Digideck platform
  • Maintain your current practices for organizing and managing assets without duplication or learning a new system
  • Effortlessly swap between the Digideck and Bynder environments
  • Create custom presentations with your organization’s latest and greatest media files in a matter of minutes by accessing the integration right within the Digideck platform


  • Search, browse, and filter using the familiar Bynder interface (Compact View)
  • Filter assets based on metadata
  • Seamlessly add images from Bynder from within Digideck
  • Authenticate directly with Bynder (oAuth)
  • Automatically sync with the latest asset version in Bynder (new version notification when in offline mode)

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