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Digital assets are a critical component for every digital touchpoint. The Bynder connector, part of the Magnolia DAM Connector Pack, allows users to store assets in the Bynder DAM, while using them in Magnolia. Save time and speed up processes by editing images, tags, metadata, and more– all from one place.

Work confidently knowing you always have access to the latest version of each file. Offering a quick and easy connection that feeds images and digital files directly from your asset library, the integration allows you to quickly find the right files directly from Magnolia.


  • Access and use all your assets from one central place in your CMS
  • Eliminate the need for switching tools
  • Eliminate costly and time-consuming asset migration or changing processes
  • Always use the right asset version, approved and up-to-date


  • Upload or download assets to and from Bynder directly from the Magnolia UI
  • Browse and preview assets in Magnolia
  • Filter assets using the column filters in Magnolia
  • Edit key information for assets, such as the name or description. The changes are stored in Bynder
  • Edit images using the Magnolia Assets app editing feature
  • Delete items from Magnolia
  • Automatic updates when an asset is set with a new version in Bynder