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Catena is a leading provider of automated publishing solutions, offering innovative tools that streamline the creation and management of various publications. At the core of Catena's solution is the DDP-Suite, a powerful digital data publishing suite. With the DDP-Suite, businesses can automate repetitive tasks involved in creating technical datasheets, catalogs, product sheets, labels, and more.

By integrating source data from ERP, PIM, DAM systems, or other sources like Excel or Google Drive, the DDP-Suite maximizes efficiency and creativity. It seamlessly merges the source data with Adobe templates, enabling the digitalization of the publication process. With its time-saving automation and ability to generate content in multiple languages and up-to-date formats, the DDP-Suite empowers businesses to produce professional and customized publications while streamlining workflows and improving productivity.

The integration between Bynder and the DDP-Suite enhances the automation and efficiency of content creation and management. Bynder serves as the centralized hub for managing digital assets, while the DDP-Suite automates repetitive tasks involved in creating technical datasheets, catalogs, product sheets, labels, and more.


  • Improve efficiency of the publication process with centralized asset management
  • Streamline the creative publication workflow with automated content creation and Adobe templates
  • Save time and effort with task automation.


  • Centralize Asset Management
  • Automatically sync assets, ensuring that the most up-to-date and approved content is used in the DDP-Suite
  • Streamline the content creation process, leveraging the dynamic data publishing capabilities of the DDP-Suite and the asset management features of Bynder
  • Simplify data input mechanisms, allowing synchronization with various systems such as PIM, DAM, ERP, Excel, or OneDrive in different formats (Excel, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • Store finished publications in Bynder or other connected systems
  • Utilize customization options for languages, currencies, units of measurement, assortments, and target groups

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