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Storyblok is a user-friendly, headless CMS that empowers developers and marketing teams to create better content experiences across any digital channel.

The Bynder plugin seamlessly integrates Bynder’s Digital Asset Management capabilities into Storyblok, enabling you to easily access and utilize your brand assets within your content management workflow.

Bynder’s search and filtering options allow you to quickly find specific assets you need, including images, videos, documents, or other media files. Once you’ve selected the desired assets, the Bynder plugin allows you to simply insert them directly into your content within Storyblok.

This integration ensures that you always maintain brand consistency by accessing the latest versions of your assets stored in Bynder. It also enhances collaboration between your teams: designers can upload and manage assets in Bynder, while content teams can easily access and incorporate those assets into their content in Storyblok.


  • Improve collaboration between design and content teams
  • Enhance Brand Consistency
  • Always Use Latest Assets
  • Use one source of truth for all your digital assets
  • Go to market faster with easy asset management


  • Direct Access to Bynder Assets
  • Add Multiple Bynder Assets at Once