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Publitas is a digital publishing platform that allows businesses to create and publish online catalogs, brochures, and lookbooks. It enables companies to showcase their products and services through interactive and engaging digital publications.

With Publitas, businesses can convert their PDFs into interactive online publications that can be viewed on any device. These digital publications can include features like clickable links, videos, and product zoom, making it easier for customers to browse and learn about the products or services being offered.

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  • Avoid content silos by keeping Bynder as the single source of truth for all digital assets
  • Streamline the process by using approved assets from Bynder directly in Publitas
  • Always use the right asset version, approved and up-to-date
  • Find the assets you need in an instant by searching through your brand portal in Publitas
  • Centralize all your assets by only having to upload them to one integrated system


  • Upload your up-to-date creative assets directly from Bynder into the Publitas platform
  • Take a digital publication from Publitas and upload it into Bynder directly to be accessed and reused in marketing campaigns
  • Multi-target similar search - define a search using multiple images as a target, perfect to define ambiguous topics like fun, climate and leadership through images
  • Add images into slideshow and image hotspots directly from Bynder
  • Upload videos directly into video and product hotspots cutting out the download/upload process


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