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empower® is a suite of Microsoft Office add-ins that elevate and streamline working with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook. Create properly formatted presentations, documents, spreadsheets and emails quickly. Build documents based on robust templates and building-blocks – instantly searchable in a centralized library, online and offline.

The integration between Bynder and empower® revolutionizes document creation within Microsoft Office by providing seamless access to Bynder's image library directly through empower®. This integration streamlines workflows, enabling users to find and insert high-quality visuals into their documents effortlessly. By eliminating the need for application switching and ensuring brand-compliant visuals, the integration enhances productivity, promotes collaboration among team members, and strengthens brand identity. It empowers users to focus on content refinement, resulting in more engaging and impactful presentations, reports, and documents.

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  • Ensure that every Microsoft Office presentation and document is brand-compliant
  • Save time when rebranding by converting old presentations to new templates with a click
  • Provide powerful add-ons that enhance productivity when using Microsoft Office to ensure high user adoption and brand consistency


  • Search, view, and insert assets from Bynder such as icons, images and videos directly from within Microsoft PowerPoint and Word
  • Search, view, and insert assets such as icons, images, and videos in Microsoft Office
  • Define specific libraries for the integration


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