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Brandwatch is the world’s premier social suite, empowering over 5,000 of the world’s most admired companies to understand and engage with customers at the speed of social. Brandwatch Social Media Management solution offers a robust set of tools designed to help you enhance your social media presence, streamline your operations, and drive meaningful engagement with your target audience.

By connecting Bynder to Brandwatch Social Media Management, you can seamlessly search for and utilize Bynder assets directly within your social post creation process, and also effortlessly add them to Brandwatch Content Pool.

This means your entire social media team has access to a wealth of creatives while scheduling and creating posts, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all channels.

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  • Utilize Bynder as a single source of truth and the centralized hub for all creative assets
  • Streamline workflows by seamlessly accessing Bynder assets in Brandwatch
  • Ensure consistency across teams and channels
  • Save time and effort in asset management
  • Maintain compliance and control over creatives effortlessly


  • Upload images and videos from Bynder in Brandwatch Publish editor and in the centralized assets library - ready to be used for social campaigns and posts
  • Access Bynder-approved assets instantly within Brandwatch in real-time
  • Search and filter Bynder assets directly from Brandwatch using Bynder interface



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