Developed by Gournay Consulting LLC

In today’s world of always-on online consumption and commerce, consumers are demanding what they want, when they want it. Salsify’s experience management platform (PXM) combines the power of PIM, the industry’s broadest commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights to orchestrate compelling product experiences through every digital touchpoint.

This integration streamlines asset management workflows by establishing a direct connection between Bynder, your digital asset management (DAM) system, and Salsify, your product information management (PIM) platform. This eliminates the need for manual data transfer, reducing errors and saving time. Furthermore, it empowers you to streamline asset management, simplify localization efforts, and maintain efficient control over your seasonal product information within Salsify, ultimately contributing to a smoother and more effective product syndication process.


  • Improve the customer experience
    Asset syncing ensures the most up-to-date assets are associated with the corresponding product record on Salsify and syndicating out to all retailers
  • Reduce effort and save time
    Bi-directional sync of metadata ensures changes to assets reflect on both platforms with less manual intervention
  • Enhance brand consistency
    Faster retailer updates to ensure changes to assets reflect quickly on all retailer endpoints
  • Streamline content workflows
    Easily configure processes to include assets within the integration and have them flow as part of any company workflow into Salsify


  • Specify assets
    With our connector, you can decide exactly which assets should flow from Bynder to Salsify -- for example, all assets, or only assets with specific metaproperties
  • Customizable sync
    Adjust your connection to be either specific or broad in terms of assets pulled, and choose the cadence of pulls between Bynder and Salsify
  • Bulk upload
    Gournay Consulting supports the bulk upload of assets if you need assistance and lack the resources to do so yourself
  • Sever Uptime
    Proprietary software that runs on AWS and Google Cloud allows for uninterrupted service.